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Professor Armstrong's background in editing, publishing, marketing, and business writing gives his classes a mixture of traditional and non-traditional approaches to the writing discipline. The skills you learn as a writer strengthen other spheres of life in ways that are often unexpected. For example, in ENGL 1301, students learn how the skills in narrative storytelling can help land a job.

More than just writing essays and reports, Professor Armstrong's classes incorporate examples from the worlds of marketing, publishing, editing, social activism, and civic engagement.

Whether you hate, love, or fear writing, prepare yourself for thought-provoking discussions and writing assignments that will enhance your professional and intellectual development.

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Composition I

Composition I is the most important course to take in your academic program. ENGL 1301 develops your college-level reading, writing, and thinking skills, which will enhance your thinking, analysis, and communication in all of your other classes. Already know how to read, write, and think? Not like this.

After completing ENGL 1301, you'll read with a higher level of comprehension, write concisely and effectively, and free yourself from the societal shackles that have enslaved mankind for eons...or, you may just squeeze by with 3 credit hours; it's really up to you.

Composition II

Composition II continues the momentum you picked up in 1301 and turns your focus to the applications of critical thinking to literature, analysis, and research.

When preparing your schedule for 1302, make time for reading, writing, and, most importantly, thinking. After all, rumination and contemplation are where we find our inspiration. 


Technical and Business Writing

Technical and Business Writing is a fun and intensive course in writing professional documents. More than just writing skills, this class also covers theory, research, structure, style, design, and a multitude of specific workplace documents.

Throughout the semester we will work on so-called "real world" assignments, studying the elements of effective business writing while working on documents for various non-profit organizations. You'll work as a writer, editor, publisher, designer, typographer, and more! No matter you career choice, ENGL 2311 is sure to boost your professional and academic success.


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