This site is dedicated to my wife who, having bravely overcome her fear of
water, now enjoys little more than swimming with fish and capturing them on
film.  With the exception of those with Carol in them, the present batch of pics
were taken by Carol in March 2001, while in the Bahamas celebrating
fifty years of lovely existence...andy

Andy teasing wildlife

Andy's Stingray

Carol Essary's best pic taken 3 miles off Nassau at 45ft

Existential tete-a-tete

Guardian of the Sea

Forever Dive Buddies

Carol's Birthday Party Guests

The following pics were taken by Andy on the
Isle of Skye, The Hebrides, Scotland in October 2000.

Andy's Birthday Sunrise - from Skye, west toward Harris & Lewis

Andy's Birthday Sunset - from Skye, west toward Uist