Hola queridos estudiantes:


Me llamo Ana Vives de Girón y soy su profesora para este curso.   I am originally from Ponce, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Puerto Rico. As a testament to its appeal, it has been included in one of the episodes of Destinos. 


I grew up speaking Spanish, and then moved to the United States to learn English.  At the university, I majored in Modern Foreign Languages, and studied French, German, English and Spanish. Therefore, as you can imagine, I understand first hand the journey you are about to undertake. I understand the many frustrations, and embarrassing moments one has to go through when learning a foreign language. Be that as it may, I also understand the joy, satisfaction, and pride that are felt once one is able to communicate in a second language.


The United States of America with its people from so many different cultural backgrounds has enriched my life immensely. When I first arrived from Puerto Rico, I only knew other people like myself. I didn’t have the faintest idea that the world was so fascinatingly diverse.  In college, my view of the world expanded, and I was able to share my life, ideas and culture with others. Nevertheless, the most significant impact in my life came from being exposed to the lives, culture and ideas of the many friends I made from all over the world.  After you go through such an enriching experience your life is never the same.  You evolve personally to love more; to be more patient; to understand sincerely; to respect and appreciate other cultures and languages.  I hope this class will help you not only to learn Spanish, but that it will give you a broader view of life. Lastly, this class is designed to put a spark in your mind and your heart that will ignite a hunger to learn and understand other countries and cultures in this great and wonderful world of ours.


Buena suerte,