My work

Currently I teach English 1302 (Composition II), Engl 2327 (American Lit I), and Huma 1301 (Introduction to Humanities) at Collin College. In the past I have also taught English 1301 and African-American/Black Studies. I earned my AA at a community college in New York, my BA in English here in Dallas, and my MA in Humanities - Studies in Literature at UTD.

My goals

I’m working on finishing my PhD in Humanities - Studies in Literature from UTD with specialties in American literature and Mexican/Latin American history and literature. I took a Spanish conversation class this summer to keep up my speaking skills, and I recently joined a fitness center to try to get in shape.

My favorite Star Wars figure, Sy Snoodle
Sy Snoodles, my favorite Star Wars action figure

My hobbies

I love science fiction- books, TV, movies, games, action figures...I am a geek. When I’m on break from teaching I like to play Mass Effect, Halo 3, and Fable II. I love to travel and take amateur photos of nature and animals. (All the photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated.) My favorite TV shows are Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Chuck, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Felicia Day’s The Guild, and any Star Trek series. I also like Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and Iron Chef: America. My favorite Iron Chef is Mario Batali.

My family

Most of my relatives are scattered through New York and Washington States. I have a boyfriend who is a writer and a very good cook, and three happy cats. I live in Frisco.