Live Performance Essay

[Credit: Joanne Stevens]
Possible Points: 100 (10% of total class grade)

Much can be gained from attending movies and viewing videos. However, the richness and depth of an experience is enhanced by attending a live performance. Your paper will be a critical and descriptive analysis in response to your experiences at a fine arts live performance. Selections may be made from the ballet, theater, opera, symphony, chamber orchestra, etc. College, university or professional performances would be appropriate choices. Please note that a live performance means you are there at the event - it does not include videos or recordings of performances.

Your paper must be typed, double spaced, in MLA format, and it must be no fewer than three full pages in length. Papers that fall short will not be accepted. Extra line spaces or tampering with margins or spacing will be subtracted from the paper’s length.

*Note: You MUST provide proof of attendance to receive credit for this assignment. Proof of attendance only includes a ticket stub, receipt showing proof of purchase, or stamped program. No other documents or photos will be accepted as proof of attendance.

Your paper must include:

1. A description of the history of the performance, noting when it was written and by whom, when and where it was first performed, and, if possible, a brief biographical sketch of the playwright, composer, choreographer, etc.

2. Describe using specific examples how the props and lighting were used as well as the effectiveness of each.

3. Discuss the quality of the performers or individuals you considered outstanding and why. Be sure to use specific examples from the performance.

4. Discuss the musical/vocal or movement qualities of the artists using detailed examples from the performance.

5. Describe the costuming and explain its appropriateness.

6. Your overall evaluation of the experience. What did you enjoy most about this performance? Why? How could the experience have been better for you? Why? (Discuss the experience as related to the performance - not in terms of the weather, car troubles, your date, or other unrelated issues.)

7. A Works Cited page for any outside sources consulted (for background information, history of the performance, etc.) The descriptions and evaluations should be entirely your own.

Fine art: Art that is developed primarily for aesthetic (beauty) purposes rather than for utility.

Examples of fine art performances:

· Ballet
· Modern
· Hip hop
· Folklore
· Ceremonial
· Athletic (figure skating, gymnastics, martial arts)

· Symphony orchestra
· Wind ensemble
· Opera
· Choir
· String quartet
· Ethnic/traditional
· Religious
(No rock concerts, sorry)

· Tragedy, comedy
· Musical theater
· Classical drama

Don’t forget to check the Cultural Events link on the Huma 1301 website to browse through the many live performance offered in the Dallas area.