Student Creative Project

Possible points: 100 (10% of total class grade)

Students will create an original work of art that reflects his or her idea of self identity. The art may be a 3-D image, a collection of original photography, a work of original poetry or fiction, or a live musical performance. The student will present the artwork to the class and explain how it relates to his/her identity. The project must be accompanied by a 250-word minimum description of the concept. Creative projects will be presented in class at the end of the semester.

Each student will have five minutes to share his or her work with the rest of the class during this presentation. You will be timed and you will be asked questions about your work.

If you choose to do creative writing for the class: you will be asked to read your poem or piece of fiction out loud to the class. Then you can talk briefly about it and answer questions. Remember to time yourself since you will only have 5 minutes in all.

If you choose to perform music for your presentation: you need to keep the time factor in mind as well. Five minutes is what you will have to play your piece of music for the class and talk about it as well. The only stipulation is that if it’s a performance then it has to be LIVE and cannot be prerecorded. You do not have to be the composer of the music but you do have to explain your approach to its performance.

Evaluation of Creative Project

Projects will be assessed based on the following criteria. Each is worth 10 points for a possible total of 100 points.

* Original, creative expression of ideas. Imaginative presentation
* Demonstrates understanding of class material and makes connections between project and learned material * Demonstrates thorough knowledge of own creative goals and processes
* Quality of project and execution, creative and performative
* Quality of written description to accompany project
* Quality of oral responses to questions about project
* Level of completion of the project and presentation
* Neatness and organization of presentation and materials
* Follows guidelines and rules for project and presentation
* Stays within 5-minute time limit