Group Presentation Guidelines

Total Possible Points: 100 (10% of total class grade)

Each group will present a chapter from the text to the class. Rather than simply restate the facts or read from the book, the group will choose the most important elements of the chapter and discuss them in a creative way. The group should choose one main idea, event, or artwork for each member of the group to present (either three or four depending on the group).

Evaluation of Group Presentation

20 points - Preparation
Group has handout ready for class, presents material in an orderly way, shows evidence of planning

20 points - Coherence
Group members work together, each member participates, presents material that directly relates to the text

20 points - Creativity
Group presents material in an interesting, original way to keep class engaged

20 points - Level of Completeness
Presentation is thorough and fulfills all requirements

20 points - Time Management
Presentation is within 15 minute time limit (and no less than 10 minutes)

Possible Total: 100 points


1. Each group member must speak to the class about one important idea, event, or artwork from the assigned chapter. The group should present for at least ten minutes but no more than fifteen.

2. The group must provide a handout to each person in the class (32 total students + instructor) that will help the class remember the information presented. The handout can be designed any way the group chooses.

3. Information can be presented any way the group chooses – through PowerPoint, other visual media, audio or musical clips, creative performance, original artwork, or simple discussion. The goal is to make it interesting and memorable to your classmates. (Please remember to adhere to college rules when presenting – no illegal materials, etc.)

4. The group should exercise creativity and show evidence of working together on the project.