Extra Credit Opportunities

1. Live Performance Essay, Part 2. Attend another live performance and write a live performance essay following the same rules and guidelines as the original project. This can be done one time for 25 bonus points. Remember, proof of attendance is required to earn credit.

2. Movie Review. Read guidelines and be sure to follow all directions. Choose a movie from the list provided. Your review should be no fewer than 500 words. This extra credit can be done once for 25 bonus points.

3. Go to the Writing Center. Work with a tutor at one of the Collin Writing Centers or the Online Writing Lab on an assignment for this class. This can be done up to two times for 10 bonus points each.

4. Check your Cougarmail. As various events come up throughout the semester, I'll email the class and let you know when you can earn extra credit by attending plays, movies, literary events, and so on.