Links of Interest


Mastering Biology

Link to Collin faculty Mark Garcia's LAB website

A very cool animation of life inside the cell

Links to 1406 topics

More 1406 links

The Biology Project

Video of cancer cells dividing and organelles

Lots of pictures/videos of live cells

Protein folding animation

More protein folding

Active transport animation

Osmosis videos: Red blood cells in hypertonic solution

Osmosis videos: Red blood cells in hypotonic solution

Plasmolysis in onion cells

Plasmolysis in Elodea cells

Active transport

Facilitated diffusion


Egg Osmosis part 1

Egg Osmosis part 2

Endocytosis animation

membrane transport links


Citric Acid Cycle

Electron Transport System


Protein synthesis animation

Animation of G protein signaling

Studying techniques and time management

Groovy 70's "performance" of translation

Video about protein folding and prions (kind of long but good)

Interactive Games on website

Lots of short video clips on interesting problems in biology from MIT's Whitehead Institute

Chemistry of Water links

Transcription/Translation Interactive Website


Collin LibGuide for Biotechnology



Mastering Microbiology

American Society for Microbiology

Animated Tutorials for Microbiology

Centers for Disease Control

The "bad bug book"


Small Things Considered

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy

Spore formation animation

Complement Activation


Antigen Processing

Video about protein folding and prions (kind of long but good)

Pronouncing bacterial names

T and B cell activation