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Private lesson

MUAP 1169.S01 - Secondary Applied Piano

Course Description: Private instruction in piano, consisting of one 25-minute lesson per week. Students must remain enrolled in 1 credit of a MUEN course, attend weekly Departmental recitals for the semester, and participate in a jury for the semester.

Course Credit Hours: 1

Lecture Hours: 0.5 weekly contact hours.

Prerequisite : Audition

Corequisite : Student must maintain the following the entire semester:

  1. Remain enrolled in at least 1 credit of MUEN classes.
  2. Attend weekly departmental recitals.

Students failing to maintain these requirements will be:

  1. Administratively withdrawn from MUAP 11xx and ineligible to attend any previously scheduled lessons.
  2. Not permitted to enroll in MUAP 11xx or MUAP 22xx through the following long semester enrolled at Collin.
  3. Ineligible for a departmental scholarship the next semester.

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