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Welcome Students and Colleagues!

Syllabi for this semester's courses will be available on the first day classes begin. If you are in either the Speech online course (blended) or the Mass Communication online course (Web only), a good place to start would be the FAQS area; then return for Blackboard links, which will provide your online orientation, access to the syllabus and the course itself on the first day of your relevant semester. They will be available in the Courses area.

Please be aware that I do adhere to closed class restrictions, and I cannot override to let students into closed courses. If a course you want to take has closed, my best recommendation is that you check the course frequently for drops, including the first day or so of the semester. Many times students early register only to have their lives change -- necessitating a change in their own schedules, and slots in my closed classes sometimes open up!

Have a safe and happy semester. All the best!

Ceilidh Charleson-Jennings
Professor of Speech and Mass Communication
Collin County Community College