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Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to the subjects of nature and of people. I paint on-location and observe the rhythms, textures and colors that I see, allowing the painting to reflect the spirit of the surroundings. Many of my paintings are influenced by the Texas Hill Country at Ingram, Texas, where I paint the Guadalupe rapids and the white washed rocks and cypress roots. At times I paint the water realistically, trying to express the emotion of the scene. Other times I will allow the flow of the paint and the patterns that I see to suggest subjects such as the paintings of women with robes of water. In the paintings of figural sculptures I used the rhythms of the water as an under-painting to show the textures of granite. I have repeated the theme of nature or people many times in my art. But as a person who enjoys change, I always enjoy the challenge of investigating other subjects or styles of painting.

Two quotes from literature that have been meaningful to me are: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Psalms 24:1 and “To him who in love of nature holds communion with her visible forms.” William Cullen Bryant.

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