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Introduction to Composition

This course is an overview of twentieth century composition techniques as well as basic composing and notation. The emphasis is on preparing students to be successful at a four-year institution composition program by providing an introduction to the many technical and asesthetic innovations in twentieth and twenty-first century music such as the following:

Applied Lessons

Composition Lessons

These lessons focus on composing for traditional acoustic instruments.  The student learns to develop their ideas formally into a complete composition. 
Notation is heavily emphasized.  Interested students should have already complete at least two semesters of music theory and
the Introduction to Composition class.

Electro-Acoustic Composition Lessons
These lessons focus on composing computer music.  The student learns to develop timbres using current synthesis techniques such as granular synthesis, FFT-based spectral syntheis as well as algorithmic and interactive techniques.


Recommendations for Movies that deal with Aesthetics of Modernism and Post-modernism.

Here are some reviews and commentary on the movie and the composer behind the soundtrack:

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