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Reading Links Some advice on synth programming:  

 CNMAT Research  
Computer music links on the WWW

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Very cool site!

Risset's Endless Glissando

Electronic Music Interfaces  
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing  
Alesis - Re-initialization Routines for Alesis Products  
Exploring Analogue Synth Techniques
 Computer Music (MUSC 216)  

Csound Links

Barry Vercoe - The History of Csound - i n d e x  
SFU's Csound Index  
Csound Links  
MacCsound Computer Music 1 Syllabus  
Keith Hamel's Csound Course Week 12  
Getting Started  
Index of /~scott1/New_studio_site/Studio_Tutorials/Csound/Tutorials  
Csound Tutorials  
Csound Tutorial - Allan Schindler  



Software Links

 Macintosh Music Software : Audio (Shareware Music Machine)  

Huge Music Software Collection for Macintosh - All Freeware & Shareware

computer music programs . macintosh  
Harmony Central®: Macintosh Software: Audio Processing  

Hardware Links

Kurzweil Home




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