Professor Whitney’s class preparation  list 

Check      Review concept/study questions in your academic success packet


Check      Take notes as you read the text


Check   Outline each section with a synopsis of the main ideas and concepts


Check      Use your text CD often to clarify difficult concepts and review


Check      Note major headings and sub-headings


Check      When taking notes in lecture, record notes in short concise phrases


Check      Organize your notes by including major sections headings per each concept, applicable sub-headings, list chapter text references, day, time and date of notes etc.


Check      Leave space between concepts when taking notes in lecture:  You may need to insert additional information later while reviewing your notes


Check      Use a tape recorder if you have a hard time taking notes or understanding when you read (you can read out loud in a private place and listen to it as a study tool)


Check      Become an active participate in the learning process by cultivating your listening skills:  You must concentrate (FOCUS), Think about the concepts…