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Bonus Opportunities
These bonus opportunities are available for Dr. Garrison's GOVT 2306 Texas Government sections. A maximum of 50 bonus opportunity points is allowed for the semester. Please choose bonus ops throughout the semester. Please do not do all fifty points worth the last week of class.  The semester deadline for submitting bonus ops us the last class day before final exam week. Many bonus ops are related to the exam material and have earlier deadlines for submission.
   Bonus Ops for  GOVT 2306 Texas Government (all sections)

News of the Day Bonus Opportunities for GOVT 2306 (all sections)

 For all bonus opportunities copy and past the bonus op with point value, etc. at the top of your bonus paper. Be sure to include your reference source citation and documentary proof such a movie ticket stub, a copy of the meeting program, meeting agenda, movie rental receipt, etc.
  Items are not available as bonus ops if they are chosen as Task assignments.


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