The Allegory of the Cave”

I. In-Class Essay

Write about what “The Allegory of the Cave” means to you. You can pick what your group talked about, but make it about you. You can also pick any of the topics from 1-9 and focus the topic on you. For example, what are your chains in life? Are you bound by your own reality? Does your family treat you different like the prisoner whose mind was set free?

The paper is an in-class essay, so please have your Blue Book when you come to class. You may have an outline, but that is all.

MLA style

Please have an intro, at least on body paragraph, and a conclusion.

Make sure your thesis is in your intro.

Please look at my Essay Evaluation sheet on my website to see how I grade papers. Here is the link:

Paper should be free of grammatical errors and written in proper English language.

Penalties for Papers:

The in-class essay will be written on the day it is assigned in class. If you are absent on the day of the in-class essay, then you can take the in-class essay exam the next class period with five points deducted from your paper grade. If you do not write your in-class essay at the next class period, then you earn a “0” on your final paper grade. I will not take emailed papers.

Helpful Info:

You can find a link to “The Allegory of the Cave” at

You Tube Clips:

Matrix and the Cave:


II. Group Project

In your group, analyze “The Allegory of the Cave.” Please choose one of the following topics and present a ten-minute presentation. You can use props like posters. You can use power points and videos. You can even act out “The Allegory of the Cave.” Make sure that everyone has an active role in the presentation.


  1. What is reality according to Plato? There are two realities: one inside the cave and one outside the cave. Which one is correct? Does there have to be a correct one? How can you relate to these two realities?

  1. Consider reality. What does it tell us about what we see with our eyes? How can people believe in illusion and accept it as reality so quickly? Is it really up to us to shatter their realities?

  1. What happens when realities are shattered? Consider what happened to the prisoner.

  1. Can you empathize with the prisoner that comes back to the shackled prisoners in the cave? The shackled prisoners seem to treat him like an outsider. Can you relate your own experiences to the enlightened prisoner? Explore reality, education, or even environment.

  1. Explore education. Plato suggests that we should educate those that are not enlightened. Why should we? What makes our own reality better than those that are ignorant? Is not ignorant bliss?

  1. The prisoners are shackled in the cave. Consider your own shackles of your mind or environment or even society’s shackles. How do we set ourselves free? Do we really want to?

  1. Consider that the cave is a prison. How are we in modern life imprisoned or feel imprisoned? How do we escape?

  1. How is “The Allegory of the Cave” like The Matrix? Free your mind.

  1. Do you have another suggestion to explore? Come see me for approval.

What to Turn in For Group Project:

A one-page typed report from each person on what you did for the group. Did you take notes? How did you contribute? What did you research? Did you do anything or did you end up doing it all? If by chance, someone is not pulling his/her weight, please let me know in the report. It’s your report, so please let me know how the group worked together and if there were any issues. Please have the report typed, MLA style, and free from grammar mistakes and typographical errors. Please write in proper English language.

Penalties for Groups: If someone from your group is not there for the presentation, then that person will be docked 5 points from the final assignment and will have to present the topic on his/her own during the next class. If that student is not able present the late assignment, then that student will receive a “0” for the presentation part of the assignment.

Helpful Info:

You can find a link to “The Allegory of the Cave” at

You Tube Clips:

Matrix and the Cave: