Course Number: HUMA 1301.S02 (10326)

Course Title: Introduction to Humanities I

Course Description: This stand-alone course is an interdisciplinary survey of cultures focusing on the philosophical and aesthetic factors in human values with an emphasis on the historical development of the individual and society and the need to create. Additionally, this course provides a broad overview of cultural traditions and the variety of aesthetic and intellectual works through which they express their values and aspirations.

Course Credit Hours: 3

Lecture Hours: 3

Prerequisite: Meet TSI college-readiness standard for Reading and Writing; or equivalent

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • State Mandated Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities.

  2. Articulate how these works express the values of the individual and society within an historical and social context. (Personal Responsibility, Social Responsibility)

  3. Articulate an informed personal response and critically analyze works in the arts and humanities. (Critical Thinking, Communication Skills)

  4. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the influence of literature, philosophy, and the arts on cultural experiences.

  5. Demonstrate an awareness of the creative process and why humans create.

Withdrawal Policy: See the current Collin Registration Guide for last day to withdraw.

Collin College Academic Policies: See the current Collin Student Handbook

Americans with Disabilities Act Statement: Collin College will adhere to all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations as required to afford equal educational opportunity. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the ACCESS office, SCC-D140 or 972.881.5898 (V/TTD: 972.881.5950) to arrange for appropriate accommodations. See the current Collin Student Handbook for additional information.

Instructor’s Name: Dr. Ellen Cardona

Office Number: B103 (Associate Faculty Office)

Office Hours: By appointment only. Please contact instructor.

Phone Number: 972-516-5090


Class Information:

Section Number: HUMA 1301.S02 (10326)

Meeting Times: MWF 8:00-8:50

Meeting Location: L200

Course Resources: Sayre, Henry. Discovering the Humanities. Second Edition with MyArtsLab. Please note that MyArtsLab is optional but a good resource for studying for tests.

Supplies: Bring pen/pencil, notebook, and textbook.

Attendance Policy: Your success in the course requires that you attend class regularly. For that reason, I allow 100 points for attendance in the semester. Because life happens, I will allow you three “emergency” absences with no grade demerit. However, after that you will lose 10 points for each absence. The good news is that you can earn back the points if you are present for 10 consecutive classes following the loss of points. Of course, if you have a documented serious illness, you should meet with me to work out a plan for your success in the course.

Tardies: I begin the class on the hour. For that reason, I count tardies. Three tardies equals an absence and can affect your grade in class (see above attendance policy).

Method of Evaluation: The workload is similar to an English class: you have assigned readings, short essays and group projects, three exams, and a semester exam. The other assignments, which are group presentations, are completed in class.

1. Exams 300 Points

*You are responsible for 3 exams (100 points for each exam. Each exam can be found on Blackboard under Exams.)

* Unit 1 Exam covers Chapters 1-3

* Unit 2 Exam covers Chapters 4-6

* Unit 3 Exam covers Chapters 7-8,10

2. Attendance/Group Presentations 100 points

(3 tardies equal one absence. Group presentations will occur after we cover each chapter. You must be present to receive credit.)

3. “Allegory of the Cave” Group Project 100 points

4. “Allegory of the Cave” In-class Essay 75 points

5. Dante Group Project 150 points

6. Othello Group Project 100 points

7. Othello In-class Essay 75 points

8. Semester Exam 100 points

TOTAL 1,000

At any given point you can easily figure your grade: add the points you have earned to see what score you must make on the remaining assignments to achieve the grade you want:

A= 900-1000 points

B= 800-899 points

C= 700-799 points

D= 600-699 points

F = Below 599 points

Access to Blackboard: The course requires that you access Blackboard for your exams. Once inside CougarWeb, please click on the Student tab in the menu at the top. Within that tab, you will find a list of your current classes. Click on Humanities, and you will be in Blackboard. For tutorials that will instruct you in most of the uses of Blackboard in this class, paste the following site into your browser:

The tutorials are specific, so when your assignment uses Blackboard, you can find the specific tutorial that will show you how to activate that function. There is a Help button in the menu on the left on the front page with which you should be able to find answers to some questions. Familiarize yourself with the use of Blackboard through the tutorials.

Requirements For Participation In Collaborative Activities: Students must participate in collaborative activities and group presentations.

Policy on Tests/Late Assignments:

For tests: Tests will be posted on Blackboard for certain dates. Students are required to take assigned tests during those dates. If student does not take assigned tests on the required days, then student receives a 0 for any missed tests.

For in-class essays: Students will purchase a blue book and will take the essay in class on the assigned day. Students may have an outline with them. All phones and other notes and books must be put away. If a student is absent on the assigned day for the essay, then the student may take the in-class essay at the next class. However, five points will be deducted from the essay grade for a late penalty. If student fails to show up, then student will receive a zero for the essay grade. For example, if the essay is written in class on Monday and a student is absent, then that student will write the essay on Wednesday in class with a five-point penalty. If the student does not show up on Wednesday, then that student will receive a zero for the essay grade.

For group projects: Group projects are due at the beginning of class. If the presentation is not ready at the beginning of class, then five points will be deducted from the final grade assignment for the group member that is late. All students in each group must be present for the presentation. If student is not present for group presentation, then that student receives a zero.

Emailing papers/projects: I do not accept papers or projects through email.

Collin College Academic Policies: See the current Collin Student Handbook.

  • The College District may initiate disciplinary proceedings against a student accused of scholastic dishonesty.

  • Scholastic dishonesty may involve, but is not limited to, one or more of the following acts: cheating, plagiarism, collusion, use of annotated texts or teacher’s editions, use of information about exams posted on the Internet or electronic medium, and/or falsifying academic records.

  • Collin faculty are required to report alleged violations of scholastic dishonesty to the Dean of Student Development, who then investigates the case, and renders an administrative decision.

  • Faculty are not allowed to assign a grade to the work in question until the Dean of Student Development renders a decision

  • Students found responsible for scholastic dishonesty offenses will receive an authorized disciplinary penalty from the office of the Dean of Student Development.

  • Additionally, students found responsible for scholastic dishonesty will be assigned a penalty in this class that ranges from a grade of “F” on the assignment to a grade of  “F” for the course.

Discipline Issues: The Dean of Students handles any discipline issues. Please check your ego at the door. No swearing in the classroom or disrespectful behavior.

Cell phones, laptops, headphones, etc.: Cell phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, headphones, etc. are put away during class when discussing chapters and during presentations, but we will use them if we have to conduct searches for group presentations. Failure to put devices away will count as a discipline issue, and the Dean of Students will handle the situation.

Tentative Course Syllabus for Humanities

Week One

Monday, 08/25 Introductions

Wednesday, 08/27 In-class Essay/Writing Sample

Friday, 08/29 Chapter One, The Prehistoric Past and the Earliest Civilizations

Week Two

Monday, 09/01 Labor Day/No Class

Wednesday, 09/03 Chapter One continued/Presentations

Friday, 09/05 Chapter Two, The Greek World

Week Three

Monday, 09/08 Chapter Two continued/Presentations /Fall Census Day

Wednesday, 09/10 Chapter Three, The Romans and Empires

Friday, 09/12 Chapter Three continued/Presentations/Review for Exam

**Exam over Chapters 1-3, dates will be provided. Take online on Blackboard.

Week Four

Monday, 09/15 Discuss “Allegory of the Cave” Group Project and Essay

Wednesday, 09/17 “Allegory of the Cave” Group Project Workshop

Friday, 09/19 “Allegory of the Cave” In-class Essay

Week Five

Monday, 09/22 “Allegory of the Cave” Workshop

Wednesday, 09/24 “Allegory of the Cave” Workshop

Friday, 09/26 “Allegory of the Cave” Presentations

Week Six

Monday, 09/29 “Allegory of the Cave” Presentations

Wednesday, 10/01 Chapter Four, Religion

Friday, 10/03 Chapter Four continued/Presentations

Week Seven

Monday, 10/06 Chapter Five, Pilgrimage and The Crusade

Wednesday, 10/08 Chapter Five continued/Presentations

Friday, 10/10 Chapter Six, The Gothic and the Rebirth of Naturalism

Week Eight

Monday, 10/13 Chapter Six/Presentations/Review for Exam

**Exam over Chapters 4-6, dates will be provided. Take online on Blackboard.

Wednesday, 10/15 Dante’s Inferno/Links Provided

Friday, 10/17 Dante’s Inferno/Group Project Workshop/Last Day to Withdraw

Week Nine

Monday, 10/20 Dante Group Project Workshop

Wednesday, 10/22 Dante Presentations

Friday, 10/24 Dante Presentations

Week Ten

Monday, 10/27 Chapter Seven, The Renaissance

Wednesday, 10/29 Chapter Seven continued/Presentations

Friday, 10/31 Chapter Eight, Renaissance and Reformation in the North

Week Eleven

Monday, 11/03 Chapter Eight continued

Wednesday, 11/05 Chapter Ten, The Counter Reformation and the Baroque

Friday, 11/07 Chapter Ten/Presentations/ Review

** Exam over Chapters 7-8, 10 and dates will be provided. Take online on Blackboard.

Week Twelve

Monday, 11/10 Othello Film/ Assignment for Group Project and Essay

Wednesday, 11/12 Othello Film

Friday, 11/14 Othello Film

Week Thirteen

Monday, 11/17 Othello Film and In-class Essay Discussion and Group Project

Wednesday, 11/19 Othello Workshop

Friday, 11/21 Othello In-Class Essay

Week Fourteen

Monday, 11/24 Othello Workshop

Wednesday, 11/26 Holiday

Friday, 11/28 Holiday

Week Fifteen

Monday, 12/01 Othello Presentations

Wednesday, 12/03 Othello Presentations

Friday, 12/05 Review Day

Week Sixteen

Semester Exam Wednesday, Dec. 10th 8-10

Effective Fall 2014