Prof. Eleanor Mack


Meet Your Professor

Welcome! As an instructor, I view myself as a writing coach, someone who will provide guidance to help you strengthen your writing and thinking skills. Because these skills are so important in college and in the workplace, it is important to maintain the skills you have and to constantly develop stronger skills.  

The BEST way to reach me is through email!
I check email at least twice a day. Please put your NAME and COURSE number and section in the subject line. Doing this will help me to help you more quickly and effectively.

Communication is key! If you are having problems in the course, or are going through a particularly challenging time and it is affecting your school work, please let me know! I cannot work with you if I don't know that you need help. I am only an email away--and I truly want ALL of my students to be successful.

My Educational Background:

B.A. English from Skidmore College
M.A. English from Texas A&M University

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. What constitutes a great class?
    A class that offers the most up-to-date information and research, ample opportunities for interaction, and a supportive, enthusiastic learning environment.

  2. What is the most important thing a professor can offer students?
    Knowledge in the subject, an open mind, and encouragement.

  3. How do you foster a creative environment?
    Through the use of group discussions, exploratory writing, and acceptance of unique ideas.