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Dr. Elizabeth Pannell
Professor CIS
H111 Heritage Hall
Preston Ridge Campus







Welcome to my web site. This site provides support resources for the courses I teach along with instructor syllabi and orientation for online courses.

For those students taking an online courses, our virtual classroom uses Blackboard. To enter Blackboard, students need to first enter Cougarweb, click on the "My Courses" tab and click on the course link. Blackboard classrooms will not become available until the first day of the semester.

Blended Course Delivery Method: A blended course has required on-campus meeting dates, but is at least 51% online.

Online Course Delivery Method: An online course has no on-campus meeting dates.

Hybrid Course Delivery Method: A hybrid course has required on-campus meeting dates but may be up to 49% online.

Traditional Course Delivery Method: A traditional course is on-campus course with a set time and place for the class.