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Course Preview

Please understand that the information on this page does NOT constitute a syllabus. However, this is a snapshot of what to expect in my classes.


Homework is required and graded. All homework will be on-line using MyMathLab and is automatically assigned after the respective sections are covered in class. Homework will be electronically graded by MyMathLab and constitutes 10% of your overall grade.


Lab Quizzes:

Ten Lab Quizzes are required. Practice Labs and Lab Quizzes must be completed using MyMathLab Internet-based software. A score of 70% or above must be scored on Practice Labs which are prerequisites for taking Lab Quizzes. Lab quizzes constitute 15% of your overall grade.



Four major tests constitute 55% of your overall grade. Generally, tests are conducted in class. A comprehensive, departmental final exam constitutes the final 20% of your overall grade. There are no makeup tests. No exceptions.


Electronic Devices:

With the exception of a calculator, all electronic devices are to be turned off during class, unless an exception is obtained from the instructor in advance. No text messaging and no open laptops in class.


Food and Beverages:

College rules do not permit eating and drinking in the classroom. Bottled water is an exception.



Please be familiar with A Student Guide to Academic Etiquette.