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Start Here

Welcome to my class. The startup requirements for Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra are the same so please follow the steps below.

After attending the first class:

1. Read and understand the syllabus for the class that you are enrolled. This is what you can expect from me and what I will expect from you.


2. Register for MyMathLab, today!

Use the MyMathLab (MML) Student Registration form that you received with your syllabus on the first day of class to register for MyMathLab. Register immediately because homework from MML will due the following class period.


3. Your written assignment is assigned on the first day of class and you have one week to prepare it. Begin now.


4. Course supplements and practice reviews will be made available on this web site. It will be your responsibility to download and use them.


5. Class attendance is mandatory and is the second most important action that you can take to be successful in this class. Be on time and stay the full period.


6. The MOST important action you can take for success in this class is timely completion of your homework. It is part of your grade but more importantly, it is the way to learn the material!


7. Additional information about your class can be found behind the links below.



Beginning Algebra
Intermediate Algebra