John P. Williams

John P. Williams

I currently serve as an Associate Professor of American History at Collin College, Plano, Texas. I have been teaching college level history for five years. I have also taught various social studies classes to grades four to twelve. Prior to becoming a college professor and social studies instructor, I worked in the corporate world as an information analyst and served in the United States Marine Corps (1980-1986). My education background includes an A.A. degree in Paralegal Studies, a B.A degree in History, Masters of Arts in Teaching, and a Masters in Liberal Arts. Additionally, I am in the process of completing my doctoral work in the History of Ideas at the University of Texas at Dallas. My fields of study are: The First World War and the Lost Generation, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, and European Immigration to America (1654-1924). 

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GMW (1922-1997)

Curriculum Vitae

Collin College History Department
800 E. Spring Creek Parkway Plano, Texas
Phone: 469.323.3912


Doctorate of Philosophy, 2016. University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas
Master of Liberal Arts, 2005. Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Masters of Art in Teaching, 2000. Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA.
Bachelor of Art, History, 1995. Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA.


University of Texas at Dallas, Arts and Humanities Department, PhD candidate, Faculty Advisor, Dr. David Patterson


Collin College, Plano, Texas (2010 – present)
Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, Texas (2014 - present)
Brookhaven College, Farmers Branch, Texas (2015 - present)


Collin College Textbook Committee, Social Sciences Department, Spring 2013 (American history textbook selection for academic year 2013/2014) Collin College Mentor Program, New Student Organization, 2013/2014.


Associate Faculty of the Year Award (2014) – Finalist






World War One Historical Association (Annual National Symposium: From Devil Dogs to Strosstruppen – US Marines, German Storm Troopers, and other Military Topics, Quantico, Virginia, September 7-9,2012.

PAPER PRESENTED: Beyond the Water’s Edge: The Origins of American Exceptionalism through Literature of Foreign-born Writers. Fourth Annual Texas A&M History Conference People, Places, and Cultures, Texas A&M University – College Station, February 22-23, 2013.

PAPER PRESENTED: The Nixon Paradox: The Search for the Other Richard Nixon through Words and Circumstance. Second Annual California State Fullerton Conference Richard Nixon and His Era, California State Fullerton University, May 3 – 4, 2013.

PAPER PRESENTED: Tommy with Book: The Search for Literacy Among the British Expeditionary Forces on the Western Front During the First World War. World War One International Conference: Perspectives on the “Great” War, Queen Mary College, University of London, August 1-4, 2014.

PAPER PRESENTED: “The Spoils of the Great War: A Tale of Middle Eastern Oil, the Anglo-German Naval Arms Race, and the San Remo Mandate”, “AFTERMATH: the Cultural Legacies of World War I”, King’s College, London, England, May 21—23, 2015.

PAPER PRESENTED: “The Churchill Paradigm: Converting the British Royal Navy from Coal to Oil between 1911 and 1918”; “Naval and Maritime History - 2015 McMullen Naval History Symposium,” United States Naval Academy, September 17-18, 2015.

TO BE PRESENTED: "The Flames of Louvain:  A Tale of Total War and Destruction of European High Culture in Belgium by German Occupying Forces 1914"; Queen's College, London, England, August 16-18, 2016.


A Matter of Conscience: The Case of Colonel Claus Von Staffenberg and the July 20 Bomb Plot, Manuscript in progress, Publisher TBD.


First World War Scholars Association (FWWSA)
Organization of American Historians (OAH)
First World War Studies Association
Graduate Student Association at University of Texas at Dallas
Phi Alpha Theta (Honor Society for Graduate Students of History)
Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society for Community College Students)


Armstrong Fellowship, Arts and Humanities Department, University of Texas at Dallas (2011-2012).

TEACHING: Undergraduate Courses Taught at Collin College, Tarrant County College, and Brookhaven College:

HIST 1301: Spring 2011; Summer 2011; Fall 2011; Spring 2012; Fall 2012; Spring 2013; Fall 2013; Fall 2014; Spring 2015

HIST 1302: Fall, 2010; Spring 2011; Fall 2011; Spring 2012; Fall 2012; Spring 2013; Summer 2013; Fall 2013; Spring 2014; Spring 2015