Spring 2017 Syllabuses*


Textbook for all classes:
Shi and Tindall, America: A Narrative History,
Volume 2, 10th Edition, ISBN: 978-0-393-26595-8


HIST 1302.S06
MWF 10:00-10:50 AM

Honors HIST 1302.S1H
MWF 11:00-11:50 AM

HIST 1302.S28
TR 1:00-2:15 PM


HIST 1302.WS2

HIST 1302.WS3

*Some use syllabi.  If of Latin origin, the plural is syllabi; if of Greek origin, syllabuses. The people who know for sure are all dead and the most authoritative English dictionary refuses to take sides between the two. Lots of academics use the Latin plural syllabi because we think the word syllabuses sounds funny and we academics want to be taken seriously. And, academics should be taken seriously as a group. But, I have found that individual people who take themselves seriously are quite boring.  


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