I Teach Physical Science and University Physics online.

Through the use of innovative teaching resources and available technology, I believe your experience in my online classroom can be as good as that in a traditional on-campus course.

As in any course, you only get as much out as you put in. Physics can be especially difficult to learn for many people (for a variety of reasons we'll not get into here). In an online course, you must work extra hard to keep up with the assignments and read the required material.

You will be doing much more than just reading through your textbook. You will be interacting with it through a variety of animations, examples and problems accompanied by audio and video. The homework will be assigned and completed on-line, with many of the physics problems based on interactive animations embedded in the digital text.


My on-line courses are taught using the college Blackboard resources. All information and class communications are accessed through your Blackboard course available through your student CougarWeb account. You will not be able to access the Blackboard course resources until the first day of class. To provide as much course information up-front as possible, I've included below important information you may review. Students who register for this course should carefully review all of this information.

Physical Science I - PHYS 1415
Physical Science II - PHYS 1417
This completely online course covers introductory physics and chemistry principles and is taught conceptually (math is minimized). Labs are based on interesting at-home activities and online simulations.
This completely online course covers introductory astronomy concepts. Labs are based on at-home astronomical observations and simulations. PHYS 1415 is NOT required for this course!
University Physics is taught online only during the summer semesters
University Physics I
University Physics II