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Technical Support:  Have trouble accessing Blackboard? Username or Pin# not working? Can't get course links to work? Popup windows not showing up?

IMPORTANT: Use Internet Explorer as your browser when you begin an assessment (Mozilla Firefox keeps you from typing/entering short answers).

Online Student Support Center (OSSC)

The Online Student Support Center is part of the Distance Learning department at Collin. Our focus is assisting all students in the online environment and using technology in the classroom. 

The Online Student Support Center offers online student orientations, student training for use of Blackboard and other online tools and technologies, as well as serving as a resource for students that are having difficulty navigating online learning.


How to Disable Popup Window Protection on Your Computer!


Important--Popup protection needs to be disabled while in Blackboard course. Follow the instructions posted to this tutorial to disable this protection while in our Blackboard course!

Important--BEST browser to use while in our Blackboard course is Internet Explorer (you may use Mozilla Firefox, but Firefox may not allow some users to key in short answers for some of our assessment questions. Best to use I.E.).

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Academic Support System: Questions about your transcript? Financial aid? Counseling? Need form to withdraw from a course?

                                                                                   Find the online Bookstore? Need help with writing assignments?

Current Students website:  http://www.collin.edu/studentresources/support/index.html




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Course Content Master:

Questions regarding course material, how your assessment was marked, course links, assignment links, calendar due dates?

Email your instructor:  thill@collin.edu or contact her through  Blackboard email.


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