Collin College

 English 1302



Assignment 1: Definition Assignment 2: Substantiation
Assignment 3: Evaluation Assignment 4: Recommendation
Assignment 5 & 6: Research Paper Assignment 7: Final Examination


Essay Assignments

Essay 1 What is X?

Topic: Let X be--The Ideal Society

Research Question: What is the Ideal Society?

Essay 2 What is true about X?

Topic: Let X be—Individual Will

Research Question: How free is the individual will within society?

Essay 3 What is good/right/beautiful or bad/wrong/or ugly about X?

Topic: Let X be—Immigration

Research Question:  Is the current U.S. immigration policy a good one or a bad one?

Essay 4 What should be done about X?

Let X be—a current controversial topic (i.e. stem cell research, nuclear arms treaty, civil liberties, terrorism, civil liberties, Kashmir, torture). Your thesis is a statement with a recommendation to address a problem.

Research Question: What should be done to solve the problem of X or in X?

Essays 5 & 6: Research Paper

Write a recommendation argument.

Topic: Choose an interesting, current, controversial issue that concerns you personally and/or greatly

Research Question: (for example: What should be done about juvenile justice? Should trials be televised? Should the U.S. immigration policy be altered? Should humans be cloned? Should the U.S. be more involved in world crises such as in the Sudan?)

Essay 7 Final Examination Essay

Topic: A current controversial issue that will be given to you the week before the final exam.

Theory Behind Assignments

The sequential assignments follow the four basic purposes of writing related to the classical stasis:


To clarify what the subject is (to define a word, to explain a concept, to report evidence)


To substantiate a thesis about the subject (to demonstrate that an inference or conclusion about it is valid)


To evaluate the subject (to judge it as good or bad with reference to utilitarian, ethical, or aesthetic standards)


To recommend that something be done about a subject (to persuade people to think or act differently about it)