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Welcome to the Fall 2013 Semester!

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Michael Rose

Director, SACSCOC Compliance

Professor, Psychology

Phone: 972.548.6755

Email: MROSE@Collin.EDU                                    





Michael Rose, Professor of   Psychology

Psychology is a science which concerns itself with the study of behavior, both human and animal, and therefore  interrelates with other disciplines such as philosophy, biology and sociology. In the minds of most though, psychology is connected with the treatment of mental disorders (clinical psychology) or assisting the resolution of relationship problems (counseling psychology). Few realized that as the study of human and animal interaction involves how these organisms perceive the world around them and how they react to these perceptions, this interaction may be observed in all areas of human activity. The areas of investigation for psychologist are therefore vast and varied as illustrated by the many specialized fields of psychology open for study. -PsychNet-UK

General Psychology: 2301

Life-Span Development: 2314

Abnormal Psychology: 2372

Human Sexuality: 2306

Psychology of Personality: 2316        

Office Hours:

Fall 2013 - None