Microbiology Unknown Report

Requirements :  Typed, one inch margins for report, cover sheet with centered information

   Due during week 14: date and time TBD; one paper from each student.

   Copying, plagiarism and other forms of cheating will result in a zero (0).

Grading :  100 points for this report, will make up 10% of lab report grade 

Late report penalties are discussed in the microbiology lab addendum.

Failure to perform or complete the unknown lab experiments or determine the unknown IDs or turn in a report based on the work done = up to - 75 points off!


Cover Sheet and Format :  2.0 points

  0.5  points (all or none) for coversheet: Name, CWID-4, Date, Section

  1.5 points (all or none) format for a  typed report (with exceptions of the flow charts), proper margins, formatting, etc.

Report Contents :

I. Introduction :  4.0 points.  [Four (4) complete grammatically correct sentences minimum]. Background information regarding the importance of this experiment done to identify unknown organisms. Give 2-3 reasons that support your rationale for performing microbiology unknowns and what you hope to learn by doing the unknowns experiment.

II. Purpose : 1.0 points.  "To identify the possible microorganisms in unknown tube # _______"

III. Prelab worksheet for each originally scheduled major unknown lab day : 5 points each = 20 points total.
Format is found on each sheet. Prelabs will be due before each lab and the graded work will be included in this report.
Any missing graded worksheet that is not included will not be counted for credit (even if credit was earned previously).
No prelab worksheet = no points earned.

IV. Materials and Methods : 20 points.   This should be your "daily" DETAILED log of the dates, media used and the procedures done. See Appendix B: "Unknown Report" for examples, but your write up for this report needs to address when, what, why, where details for anytime you came to lab to work on your unknown project.

V. Discussion :  20 points total.  The following data should be presented for EACH isolated organism:

VI. Sign off Sheets: 10 points.
You MUST also included both sign off sheets (with instructor signature)
Missing sheets for any reason will count as a zero (0)
Any late worksheets (received within 24 hours after report due date/time) will only count 1/2 point value per sheet.

VII. Results: 15 points. Create a proper and complete flow chart for ALL isolated organisms and indicate final identification as a Genus and species. See Appendix B: "Unknown Lab Report" for an example. This flow chart may be neatly hand drawn.

VIII. Conclusion : 3.0 points   
Answer the following questions

a. What did you learn

b. What would you do differently ?

c. Honestly evaluate your aseptic/sterile technique

IX. Epidemiology Summary : 4.0 points
Pick one of your identified unknown organisms and discuss the clinical signs an individual or animal might have if diagnosed with this microorganism how would you specifically treat it, what is the prognosis for this disease and how is it prevented?

X. Bibliography : 1 point
Include a bibliography reference sheet in MLA format for sources used in research for this report.

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