Time of Day


Make a series of 5 images, each at a different time of day, at 5 diiferent locations, taking advantage of the characteristics of the natural light at each time.  You should set your camera to shoot RAW files. Your white balance should be set for daylight to take advantage of how the color of the light changes during the course of the day. Be aware of the changing angle of the sun, and that in winter the sun is not directly overhead at noon.


Due March 1 at 6pm


Work off of a tripod at dawn, dusk and at night.


1. Dawn


2. Approx. 9 AM or 4 PM


3. Noon


4. Dusk


5. After dark (night)


These are five different images, of five different subjects.




Peter A. Calvin - Professor - Collin College Photography

Time of Day