Peter A. Calvin - Professor - Collin College Photography

Your final projects will be 10 images that function together as a single work. Bear in mind specificity, access and the time you have to do the work.  I will let you know what the policy is on matting later in the semester.


Written first drafts of your proposals for your final projects are due Nov 1 for TR class and Nov 2 for W class.  You will read you proposals in class and then turn in the final version on November 8 and 9.


Four of you images will need to be matted.  There will be a demonstration later in the semester.  You will need to supply 8 - 11x14" mat boards, 4 ply for the front, 2 ply can be used for the back, as well as linen matting tape.  The school will supply tape and blades.


Final Project portfolios are due the last class meeting. (December 6th and 7th)

Final Projects