"The artist's task is not to alter the world as the eye sees it into a world of aesthetic reality, but to perceive the aesthetic reality within the actual world, and to make an undisturbed and faithful record of that instant."  - James Agee


You are to carry you camera with you everywhere (24/7) over the next 2 weeks and make at least 300 exposures of subjects of your choice. Look at how life unfolds around you, how people relate to one another each day, how the light changes with the time of day, and explore the built and natural environments you pass through each day.  Whenever something catches your eye, don't drive by it. Stop and photograph it.


You will edit yout take down to 5 images. Turn in the five images as full res jpgs along with 2 - 8.5x11" prints.


Due date: first images due Jan 26th, finished prints and jpgs due Feb. 14 at the beginning of class at 12:30PM

Peter A. Calvin - Professor - Collin College Photography

Found Photographs

photos by Helen Levitt, from her book A Way of Seeing