Color transparency films, such as Kodachrome were only available for daylight and tungsten white balance. This is the first of two assignments designed to help you understand how your camera capture the color of light.


You are to set your camera for daylight (sunny) white balance and photograph under a variety of light sources: daylight, open shade, tungsten, fluorescent, and mixed lighting (a combination of any 2 or more of the above).


 You can to use the natural color of the light source as an element in your images.  You will not color correct you files leaving the white balance "As Shot", though you may may any other adjustment to the raw files.


You are to deliver at least one example of each of the five as jpgs on a flash drive.  We will choose 3 of your images to print. Prints and jpg files due Feb. 8th at the beginning of class at 6PM

Peter A. Calvin - Professor - Collin College Photography

GRENADA. Gouyave. Bar. 1979. Alex Webb, Magnum Photos