This assignment shall serve as an introduction to using color as a way of expressing ideas, concepts and emotions.


Below is a list concepts.  Use each as a theme or concept for a photograph.  You may photograph any subject matter for this assignment and are free to choose any interpretation a concept.  You are to use color to enhance, reinforce or emphasize you interpertation of the chosen concept.  You must be able to explain how and why you associate the photograph with the concept you have chosen.  Be creative and daring.


You can shoose your own concepts to pursue. However, remember that you are to choose a concept and make an image to express it, not make images and try to figure out what concept it might relate to after the fact.


What Color is...?

change, sorrow, prejudice, taboo, solitude, fear, joy, faith, aging, youth, self, love, hate, loathing, tolerance, mortality, family, masculine, feminine, work, play, empty, satisfaction, bounty, liberty, oppression, rhythm, time, cold, community, surprise, sin, forgiveness, hunger, gluttony, pride, generosity, insanity, knowledge, anxiety.


You will produce 4 images on 4 different concepts


2 -11x14" Prints  (you will finish printing in that class, with critique and new assignment.)


Peter A. Calvin - Professor - Collin College Photography

Interpretive color - What Color is.....?