You are to choose one of the historic or contemporary masters of photography, or group of photographers such as the FSA staff, New Topographers, Group 64, etc., that relate to your own work or approach to photography.   They may be fine art photographers, photojournalists, documentary photographer or commercial photographers.  You are to research their work, and it's impact on the medium and how it influences to your own image making. I will have to approve your choice of subject.


Final paper due March 14th at the beginning of class.


Needless to say, copy and paste off the internet guarantees you a failing grade.  Be certain to credit your source material.


Begin with the school library. They have a research guide that would be a good place to start with your research.


Here is your library contact for photography:


Kelley Satarino


Reference Librarian

Spring Creek Campus, L103-G




Peter A. Calvin - Professor - Collin College Photography

Research Paper