You are to make 3 window light portraits, of 3 different people, in 3 difference locations. You may not add any additional light source beyond a reflector. Work with a lens in the 50mm to 105mm range, concentrating on the subject.  Bring a tripod and a remote release. You may not photograph in your own home, and no babies, animals or costumes. Treat this as an editorial or commercial assignment.


Bring your raw files to class next week when you will process them in Capture One.  You will need an external, bus powered hard drive on which to store your Capture One sessions.

 A 1967 portrait of Cartier-Bresson at work. (Photo courtesy Robert Delpire)

Peter A. Calvin - Professor - Collin College Photography

Window Light Portrait

Ezra Pound - Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson