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Humanities 1301

Introduction to the Humanities

Professor Rich DeRouen

I teach Humanities 1301 (Introduction to the Humanities) for Collin College, both in the classroom (at the Central Park Campus in McKinney) and online (through Blackboard, the official online course platform for Collin). This course focuses on the history and nature of human creative expression. It explores values, attitudes, and ideas by examining humankind's cultural achievements from a variety of time periods, art forms, creators and cultural traditions. In the course, we explore the interrelationship of cultural history, philosophy, literature and the arts using readings, Internet research, discussions (either in the classroom or online), and critical writings or creative projects.

The required textbook for the course is Landmarks in Humanities, 3rd Edition, by Gloria K. Fiero (ISBN 9780073376646). Please be aware that this edition (copyright 2013) has notable differences from the second edition (copyright 2009) and even more significant differences from the first edition (copyright 2005); attempting to use one of the older editions could present difficulties in navigating the course successfully.

Whether in the classroom or online, my approach to the course assumes that you're willing to do some reading and that you're capable of reading college-level material. There are assignments throughout the semester designed to verify that you're keeping up with the textbook material as the semester goes along. This course also assumes that you're willing to do some writing. There are multiple informal writing requirements that require you to provide thoughtful responses to complex topics. (If you're taking the course online, you should be aware that these responses will be part of an ongoing class discussion that you are required to participate in throughout the semester.) In addition, there is a major project of a creative nature and a project or formal paper of a more critical nature. Finally, there are currently three exams over the course of the semester.

If you'd like some information on my educational and teaching background, as well as additional professional information, you can find that here, in a brief professional biography.

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