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Frequently Asked Questions
How many types of real estate licenses are there in Texas?
Texas recognizes only two types of real estate licenses: the salesperson license and broker license. The salesperson license is the "entry-level" license. The sales person is sponsored by and works for a broker. The broker may work for other brokers or work independently. In order to become a broker, an applicant must have held an active salesperson license for four years and must successfully complete all the educational and examination requirements necessary for the broker license.
Will I need a sponsoring broker in order to take the Salesperson examination?
An applicant may take the salesperson examination without having a sponsoring broker. However, upon passing the examination the licensee will receive an inactive license. A licensee holding an inactive salesperson license will not be permitted to buy, sell or rent real estate for a brokerage firm. Once the salesperson designates a sponsoring broker, the license will be converted to an active license.
Will Collin College help me locate a sponsoring broker?
Collin College encourages its students to interview various real estate brokers and brokerage firms in an effort to find the perfect match. However, the college does not place students nor does the college make employment recommendations.
In what order should I take the four basic courses required for the salesperson license examination?
The six courses required for the salesperson license may be taken in any sequence with no pre-requisites to any course. Principles of Real Estate I is a good beginning if scheduling permits, but it is not mandatory to start with that class.
Will it take me an entire semester to complete a single course at Collin College?
No, Collin College offers all real estate courses on an accelerated basis. Most courses are offered within "mini-mesters" where students meet twice a week, in the morning or in the evening, for five weeks. Each class session lasts approximately four hours. Some courses are even offered on weekends over three consecutive weeks. Please consult the official class schedule for times, dates and locations, or visit http://www.collin.edu/ .
Collin College offers its real estate courses for credit and through continuing education. Is there a difference?
Enrollment is concurrent within the same class, meaning that students may either enroll through the Continuing Education Department or via the college credit registration process. Continuing Education students are held to the same achievement, exam and attendance standards as the credit students, and they are bound by the same syllabus. At the completion of the course, continuing education students receive a Pass/No Pass designation while credit students receive a letter grade. Either program will satisfy the state educational requirements for licensing. However, courses taken for continuing education will not be accepted toward Collin College's certificate program and degree plan, nor are they transferable.
After I get my license, I only want to work with commercial real estate. May I take only those courses that are solely related to commercial sales?
The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), which oversees the licensing of real estate professional in Texas, does not recognize areas of specialty with the context of a salesperson license. As a result, all basic course work is designed without distinction to residential or commercial transactions. However, once an applicant receives a salesperson license, the licensee may choose to affiliate himself/herself with a commercial brokerage firm, for example, or join trade organizations that are devoted to a real estate specialty.
Does Collin College administer the salesperson or broker examination?
No. the test is administered through a testing firm chosen by the TREC. After a student's application has been accepted by TREC, the applicant will be notified as to how and where to sign up for the examination.
How do I get started?
To enroll as a credit student at Collin College, please refer to the class schedule, visit the web site at http://www.collin.edu/ or visit one of our campuses. To enroll as a continuing education student, please call 972.985.3711.
For further information contact:
Richard "Dick" Helgeson (469) 365-1803
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