Math 0310 In-Class Syllabus

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Class Attendance:

Class attendance is considered mandatory. Success in understanding mathematics is closely related to regular class attendance.

Method of Evaluation:  Only AD, BD, CD, FD or I can be awarded in this class.  A grade of DD will never be awarded..  Your grade will be determined by averaging the grade components using the grading scale shown:

Text Box: WeWeight of Grade Components:
Labs:                         15%
Tests (4):                  65%
  (+ Service Learning)
Final Exam:              20%
TOTAL:                   100%







 See in-class syllabus for details or changes.

Make-ups:  There will be no make-ups in this class.

Grade Assignment:

bullet90-100% AD
bullet80-89% BD
bullet70-79% CD
bulletBelow 70% FD

Instructor Evaluations:

Collin County Community College seeks to improve the learning experience of all students. To assist in evaluating courses, students will be requested to complete an Evaluation of Instruction form near the end of the fall semester.

Service Learning:

There will be an optional service learning component in this class. A reflective journal will document external activities.

Note: These policies will vary from semester to semester. Please check the written syllabus for complete details.

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