Welcome, ENGL1301 students!

English 1301, Composition I.  If you have any questions about the course, please contact me at the following address:


Always give the course number in the subject box of your e-mail (example: ENGL1301 question)

A little about the course...

In this class you will write 3-4 formal essays.  These will make up the bulk of your grade for the class.  All essays will be handed in through Turnitin.com. That makes it easier for both of us to keep track of assignments and for you to view my comments on your papers. You will also complete a number of in-class workshop assignments, which are typically due during class, a number of out-of-class lab assignments that you will work on at your own pace, a library scavenger hunt, and 1-2 oral presentations. 

I encourage you to e-mail me whenever you have a question. Good communication is a key factor in your success in this course. You will need to e-mail me at the college address (rslavens@collin.edu) and always include your specific course and section number in the subject title of the e-mail. Make sure all emails you send to me are from your Cougarmail address.  For your privacy's sake, I donít respond to emails from private email addresses such as gmail, yahoo, or hotmail.  I do not keep my class rolls with me at all times, and it adds significant time to my reply if I have to look up your course/section before I can access the information needed to answer your question.

How the course works:

Before each class session, you will need to complete the readings assigned on the schedule at the end of the Course Syllabus. In class we will work on workshop assignments related to assigned reading and writing assignments.  I don't allow students to make up in-class work, but there are usually a few extra workshop assignments to provide you the opportunity to miss one or two assignments if you have emergency scheduling conflicts during the semester.  The lab component is also an essential part of the course.  Lab activities include such things as Writing Center Conferences and Workshops, Library RAPS Sessions, Group Tutoring, Online Quizzes, and other activities related to the course.  You will complete all lab activities outside of class.

Texts you'll need:

Richard Bullock, Maureen Daly Goggin, and Francine Weinberg, The Norton Field Guide to Writing, with Readings and Handbook, 3rd ed., ISBN:  978-0393919592.

I look forward to working with you!

Ray Slavens, Ph.D.