Welcome, ENGL2327 face-to-face students!

English 2327: American Literature I, traditional face-to-face format.  If you have any questions about the course, please contact me at the following address:


Always give the course number in the subject box of your e-mail (example: ENGL2327 question)

A little about the course...

As this class follows a traditional classroom format, you will be expected to attend class regularly and make sure you do all reading before coming to class.  You should expect frequent quizzes over the daily reading in class.  Exams will be a mixture of in-class and take-home activities.  Essays will be handed in through Turnitin.com. That makes it easier for both of us to keep track of assignments and for you to view my comments on your papers.  There may also be activities that you will need to complete online using Blackboard.

I encourage you to e-mail me whenever you have a question. Good communication is a key factor in your success in this course. You will need to e-mail me at the college address (rslavens@collin.edu) and always include your specific course and section number in the subject line of the e-mail. Make sure all emails you send to me are from your Cougarmail address.  For your privacy's sake, I donít respond to emails from private email addresses such as gmail, yahoo, or hotmail.  I do not keep my class rolls with me at all times, and it adds significant time to my reply if I have to look up your course/section before I can access the information needed to answer your question.

I do build in a few extra quizzes to provide you the opportunity to skip one or two assignments if you have emergency scheduling conflicts during the semester.  Also, you will have three opportunities to submit essays, but only two will count toward your final grade.  There will also be three exams in the course, each including an in-class section and a take-home essay section.

Texts you'll need:

Baym, Nina, et al.  The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Volume 1, Shorter 8th ed. ISBN:  978-0-393-91886-1.

Jacobs, Harriet.  Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.  ISBN:  978-0-393-97637-3.

Rowson, Susanna.  Charlotte Temple.  ISBN:  978-0-19-504238-2.

I look forward to working with you!

Ray Slavens, Ph.D.