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Fall Semester 2012
Thursdays 5-10:50 pm, Preston Ridge Campus J229

Notice: Change in Calendar - The flex field trip scheduled for 11/1 has been moved to 10/18 (week 8) to accomodate a field trip in another course. Check the Week 8 page for instructions. Flex field trip assignments should be completed by 10/25.
The Project 2 due date has not changed, and we will still plan to begin Project 3 on 10/25. Other topics may need to be adjusted as necessary.

Course Description

Course introduces students to Green interior design and built environment. Emphasis is placed on: analyzing Indoor Air Quality, green interior material and finishes, green cleaning materials, and providing plans and solutions for creating a healthier interior environment. Lab required. Prerequisite: ITSE 1371. Course Credit Hours: 3

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