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Piper Professor of English - R. Scott Yarbrough


“Cancer, a Squirrel, My Niece in Love.” Verse Wisconsin. Issue 112. October 2014.

“A Necktie and a Hijab.” Verse Wisconsin. Issue 112. October 2013. Also appears in The Evansville Review. Spring 2014. Also appears in Voices De La Luna. Volume 6, Number 3. April 2014. (Nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Prize)

Review of A Sort of Adam Infant Dropped: True Myths. By R. Scott Yarbrough. Review by Carol Coffee Reposa. Evansville Review. Vol. XXIII. 2014.

“Trumpet Vines.” The Evansville Review. Vol. XXIII. 2014.

“Cabbage Rolls.” Verse Wisconsin. Issue 112. October 2013.

Review of A Sort of Adam Infant Dropped: True Myths. By R. Scott Yarbrough. Review by Piper Professor, Jerry Bradley. Concho River Review. Vol. XXVII. No. 2. Fall, 2013.

"Upon My Cousin's Decision to Kill Himself." Fox Chase Review. Winter/Spring 2013.

A Sort of Adam Infant Dropped: True Myths. Ink Brush Press: Dallas/Temple. 2013.

Review of A Sort of Adam Infant Dropped: True Myths, by R. Scott Yarbrough. Reviewed by Diane Sahms-Gramieri. Fox Chase Review. Winter/Spring 2013.

"Buzzard Starts Fire: Texas Newspaper Headline." Concho River Review. Vol. XXVI. No. 1. Spring 2012.

"Vein-Faced Dolls with Eyes." Bluestem. Vol. XXIII. No. 1. Spring 2012.

"Ketchup." The Evansville Review. Vol. XXII. 2012.

"Halloween: My Office Mate's Fear."  Nassau Review.  Vol. 9, Number 5. 2009: 38-39.

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"Sunday School Lesson." Illya's Honey. Vol. 12, No. 2. Summer 2006: 5. Dallas Poets Community. Also in Spindrift. Shoreline College, Washington. 2006: 76. (First place winner in annual Richardson Public Library 2006 competition, Adult Division)

"Medusa." Spindrift. Shoreline College, Washington. 2006: 68. (Also used as a dramatic monologue in Mythologies, presented at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas, Spring 2006)

"When I Get to Thinking I Have it All." Pointed Circle. Portland College. 2006: 47.

"Your Analyst's Speech He'll Never Give: for Lori." Pointed Circle. Portland College. 2006: 49-50.

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"Playground Rules." Wounded Pulse. 1.1. February 2004.

"She Said It Might Improve Our Marriage If I Vacuumed." Wounded Pulse. 1.1. February 2004.

"Upon Considering the Camberly Gunter Hotel in San Antonio While the Baby Blaine is Asleep." Wounded Pulse. 1.1. February 2004.

"He Once Asked Why I Teach Mythology." Kit Kat Review. 2002.

"Southern Comfort." Kit Kat Review. 2002.

"Role Playing." Windmill. South Plains College. 1.1. February 2001.

The Fudgebomb Incident. Production by Angelo Civic Theater.

Somewhere Over the Trailer. Production in the San Antonio Riverwalk Theater Civic Center.

Somewhere Over the Trailer. Production by Why Don't We Players, San Angelo, Texas. Best New Play Award by the Texas Theater Association.

Bobo's Kitchen. Production by Angelo Civic Theater.

Speakeasy. Dallas Visual Arts Center.

Prom Police. Dallas Visual Arts Center.

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