Come prepared:
Download, print, and READ each Unit BEFORE the lab. There are leading questions throughout each unit that can help you have a better lab experience.

Wear closed-toed shoes--you will not be allowed to come into the lab without them.

Have chemical safety goggles (not the same as safety glasses) ready each week. Some labs require them, and you will be asked to leave if you do not have them available.You can find these at the bookstore or the hardware store.

Lab is an important part of any science course. This is where you get your hands on the scientific method! It can even be fun. Not every lab, but some!

Helpful Links

Professor Mark Garcia hosts the lab manual, and has many helpful videos available.

The Collin College Department of Biology web site has some valuable information.

Tutoring is available through the ACCESS office.

Study skills are important to your college success--take advantage of the free classes!

The Biology Project, from the University of Arizona, is an excellent resource.

Try winning the Nobel Prize (or at least, play some educational games).