How to Make and Use a Lab Notebook

To turn a composition book into a Lab Notebook:

1.    Make a title page out of the first right-hand page.
       a.     Write your name in the center near the top of the page.
       b.     Write the name of the school and the course below your name.
       c.     Write the time period of the notebook (or semester) near the bottom of the page.  OR
               Write the starting dare of the notebook and leave a space for the final date.

2.    Make a Table of Contents on the second right-hand page.
       a.     Make a "Table of Contents" on the top line.
       b.     Indicate the top of a column for the name of the lab and a column for the page number.

3.    Number the pages consecutively starting on the first right-hand page after the table of contents.
       Put the number in the lower right corner.

Rules for Using the Lab Notebook:
1.    Write only in blue or black ink.
2.    Write only on the right-hand pages.  The left-hand side may be used for scratch work and will
        not be graded.
3.    On the first page of each lab report write your name, and name(s) of your lab partner(s) and
       the date in the upper right-hand corner.
4.    On the first page of the lab report write the name of the lab on the top line.  Then on
       subsequent pages write the name of the lab followed by "continued."
5.    Observations are to be recorded in the lab notebook at the time the observation is made.  Do
       not record data on a seperate sheet of paper and then transfer it to your lab notebook.
6.    Mistakes are to be lined through (single line) and the correct value written in and accompanied
       by your initials.  This means no white out or erasures.
7.    The number of the first page of each lab is to be recorded on the Table of Contents page.
8.    Pages are to be used in order.  If a page is inadvertently skipped, write on it, "This page is
       blank," and sign your name.